Ayush TV is the world's first Ayush and Lifestyle channel. Ayush TV aims to relive the legacy of 7000 years which has been discontinued now, due to advancements in medical sciences. It aims to utilize the untapped potential of Ayush product market - which is estimated at more than 4,000 crores through innovative strategies, flexible tariff and innovative advertising techniques.

Benefits to Electronic Media and Advertisers

Ayush TV is the only wellness and lifestyle channel; guaranteed to attract and retain viewers. It is also the only multilingual and free to air channel which will be viewed in more than 72 countries across the globe.

The creativity, quality and content of the programming will reset standards through aggressive and sustained marketing promotions, which will enhance viewer demand for the channel across regions and audience profiles; creating a mutually beneficial partnership for both electronic media and for advertisers seeking a viable new channel, through which they can promote their brand. Thereby, enhancing viewership, reach and uplifting your soul too.