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Homeopathy for external wounds

Cuts, scraps, abrasions and other minor injuries are common among sports persons. We also counter the same in Kitchen or using scissors or any other tools due to improper and incorrect usage. Such minor abrasions/scrap/cuts are treated with a tetvac injection or by applying a locally available ointment.

While, these are conventional methods of treating the same; however, the use of Homeopathy can make a real difference to the pain or inflammation. There are many options available in Homeopathy to help heal scrapes, cuts and other types of open wounds quickly and naturally.

Some of the commonly available medicines available to treat these wounds are:

  • Calendula: Wounds with Capillary bleeding, early stages of infection with whitish pus draining from closed wound.
  • Staphysagaria: This can be listed to curb recurring head lice. Effective for incised wounds. It is one of the best remedies for incised wounds. It can also treat lacerations and incisions that are slow to heal.
  • Millefollium: This erect pubescent herb which grows from 15cm to 62 cms is found in Shimla in India. It is an excellent remedy for the stopping Haemorrhages, partly clotted blood, sputum formation. It also helps to cure cold and promote digestion. Ledum is one such homeopathic medicine particularly used for the treatment of puncture wounds. It promotes the evacuation of pus, can be very useful for boils and teenage acne.
  • Hypericum: Effective for sentient nerves, such as toes, fingers and spinal cord. (This is not recommended if the patient has to undergo surgery). It relieves neuralgic pains that shoot up along the nerves as well as radiating pain and numbness. It can treat external or internal and sooth wounds that are inflamed painful including abscesses, cuts, scars, insect and animal bites. It is also used to ease post operative pain. It can also ease discomfort after dental surgery.

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