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Homeopathic remidies for migraine

Migraine is a pulsating pain that increases in intensity affecting one or both sides of the brain. The sufferers of Migraine may feel uneasy, low and sad, fatigued and experience stiffness in the neck; severe changes in their appetite and mild disorientation.

According to a World Health Organization factsheet on headache disorders, migraines affect more than 30 percent of the adult population globally. People often dismiss migraines as just a common headache; ramifications of which might be farreaching.

“The problem of migraine headaches occurs in those with a ‘ready’ brain condition, which is in fact a condition marked by the hyper excitability of the brain. This condition is genetically inherited and about 20 per cent people are migraine prone individuals. Whenever this ‘ready’ brain is influenced by triggers (both environmental and lifestyle mistakes), a severe headache with distinctly recognizable features occur. This headache is called migraine.”

Some of the causes of migraine include:

  • Environmental factors: Mainly due to heat, high intensity light, increased humidity, changes in weather conditions
  • Lifestyle factors: Consumption of fermented foods with Monosodium glutamate, skipping breakfast also leads to migraine.
  • Medications: Oral contraceptives and vasodilators such as nitroglycerin can aggravate migraines.
  • Physical factors: Intense physical exertion also might provoke migraines
  • Changes in wake-sleep pattern: Missing sleep or getting too much sleep may trigger migraines in some people (For e.g. Frequent air travellers who complain of jet lag)
  • Stress: Stress at work or home can cause migraines.

Homeopathy does not favour the use of temporary painkillers or other drugs which provide relief for a shorter period of time. Homeopathy medicines for Migraines try to go deep down into the cause of the problem and completely eradicate the migraine headaches.

Some of the medicines prescribed for Migraine by Homeopaths are: 

  1. Belladonna

Belladonna is one of the most frequently used Homeopathic medicines for migraine headaches. It provides relief to those suffering from severe throbbing, bursting nature. It is also prominently indicated for headaches that get better from hard pressure or tightly wrapping the head. Belladonna is also used to treat sudden and violent attacks of headache.

  1. Glonoine

Glonoine is prescribed to those patients who experience congestive headache. Glonoine is prescribed to those patients who experience severe throbbing headache accompanied by heat and redness of face.

  1. Natrum Mur

Natrum Mur is used to treat such Migraine arising from mental grief or stress. Natrum Mur is used for Anaemic headaches.

  1. Spigelia

Also known as Pinkroot, this is given to people to expel or destroy intestinal parasites, for instance, tapeworm and round worm in the body. Spigelia is useful for treating Migraines that occur on the left side of the head.

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