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Shri Sachidananda Babu Guru-Ji

Programming Head of AYUSH T.V. Nagesh Desai interviews renowned scientific astrologer Shri Sachidananda Babu Guruji. Sachidananda Babu Guruji – is the son of Late Dr B.V. Raman, the Bhishma Pithamaha of Astrology. Let us know the fitness secrets of Sachidananda Babu Guruji and understand his fitness mantra.

Nagesh Desai: Sir, in this episode of ‘Celebrity Healthy Life’ you are our celebrity today. We are honoured to have you in this show. Every person growing up in life has a ‘role model’ or ‘hero’ whom we not only appreciate but also try to imbibe those qualities and achievements in our lives. It could be Politicians, Sports Persons or someone from the Film Industry. However, you are one of those rarest personalities whom celebrities turn up to for Astrology consultations.

Guruji: I am really indebted by your kind words. However, i don’t call myself as a ‘Celebrity’ but perceive myself as a ‘Common Man’. As you said lot of celebrities throng to my residence for consultations; some of them senior to me in age and experience. I have also learnt a lot from them.

Nagesh Desai: We are interested to know on how your typical day starts; your daily fitness regimen and much more about yourself.

Guruji: I wake up by 4:30 a.m. in the morning. Immediately after waking up i brush my teeth. I feel oral healthcare is very important. Later, my wife gives me a cup of water mixed with Turmeric. As per Ayurveda, taking a glass of water with Turmeric is very good for health and has very good antibiotic properties to fight infections and other ailments.

Nagesh Desai: What is your next activity sir?

Guruji: I next go for a jog in the park. Jogging is very much required for me as i do weightlifting and a Jog early in the morning not only gives the much needed ‘warm up’ for weightlifting but also the fresh air gives me the much needed impetus to start my day.

Nagesh Desai: Can you please show your Home-Gym and what equipments you use for your daily work-out?

Guruji: I work out on the treadmill for about 45 minutes daily. I do various ‘incline’ and ‘decline’. Depending upon my work schedule i reduce or increase this workout. But, i do a warm up without fail before i begin weight lifting. Whoever does the Cardio regularly, their Blood Pressure will be under control. I start with a speed of 6 and go up to 15. When we do ‘incline’ you get a very good workout of the cardio. Cardio is a very important exercise in your workout; diminishes the chances of a stroke and makes your Heart healthier. Soon after workout, when the muscles are warm, i switchover to my next activity which is weight lifting. Initially, while i begin my weightlifting workout i do some warm up and start with light weights. I gradually increase the weights.

Nagesh Desai: What is your next workout?

Guruji: Next i do Yoga beginning with ‘Bhujangasana’. Generally, it should be done facing North or East direction; now i am doing it facing Northern direction.

Nagesh Desai: What is the next workout sir?

Guruji: Next, i perform Pranayama. Regular practice of Pranayama in the right way helps you to build Intuition; one aspect which is very much required in our profession. I also chant ‘Hum’ Kaara – the beeja mantra to invoke blessings of Godess Lakshmi –the bestower of wealth and happiness. Chanting of ‘Hum’ beeja mantra sitting in North-East direction for a period of 7 months with 10 minutes will reap the blessings of Godess Lakshmi. This also removes unwanted thoughts and helps you focus better. The ‘Hum’ mantra when chanted in the right way and with correct pronunciation gets rid of acute financial problems plaguing you for a long period of time.

It also reduces ‘Epilepsy’ – also known as Fits in common parlance. Regular chanting of mantra reduces ‘Nervous weakness’ and it is a great mantra for unmarried prospective brides looking for a life partner. While chanting ‘Hum’ kara you should be seated in Padmasana with right hand above and left hand below holding together. After chanting ‘Hum’ Kara we should take a deep breath. This mantra should not be chanted with greed in mind. This mantra can be chanted by any person irrespective of age group in the right frame of mind will yield very good results.

Nagesh Desai: What is your next activity Guruji?

Guruji: Next i take bath (Abhyangana) and do japa (meditation) followed by breakfast.

Nagesh Desai: Guruji, could you please introduce your family to us?

Guruji: I am married to Uma for 40 years. She has stood like a pillar all these years and supported me during my low moments and has also rejoiced with me in celebration of my achievements and successesIn my profession i ‘counsel’ my clients on various aspects and in my life my better half counsels me during my low moments. She is very patient at all times. My son Suryaprakash manages my office very efficiently. He is an expert in reciting various shlokas and hymns. He is married to Manjula and they have a son.

Nagesh Desai: What are the qualities you appreciate in your Father-in-Law and would like to imbibe in your life?

Manjula: (Daughter-in-law of Guruji):  My father-in-law is a strict disciplinarian and adheres to the timings set by him; he sets high standards for himself and our family. I would like to imbibe his adherence to Timings and Exercise regimen which he follows diligently.

Nagesh Desai: Sir, it has been great talking to you and your family. Would you like to say something to our viewers?

Guruji: I am really indebted to AYUSH T.V. for coming here and interviewing me and my family for this programme. I wish AYUSH T.V. all the success and i wish it gets global recognition for its efforts to popularise Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy forms of medicine.

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