ayushadmin Nov 24, 2020

Say no to gastritis from naturopathy

The common symptoms of gastritis are burning sensation in chest, blotting of abdomen , berps , belching, regurgitiation of food in mouth, a bitter taste in mouth and pain after meals

GASTRITIS – a major problem of the modern era. 21ST CENTURY, a century that brought modernization, industrialization and urbanization and at the same time a new attitude in our lives. Stressful life, instant food , business meetings , late night partyings have all changed the way of life. ‘Health is wealth’ , a proverb more suitable for present days.

Days have come were we no longer yearn for wealth, but the race is just to keep up and maintain our Health. Hypertension , Diabetes , Constipation , Gastritis have become a common and uninvited guests of every house. Out of all these above conditions, Gastritis has been a most commonly addressed health issues.

We are all blinded at the cause , reason and remedy for this problem. Medication can relieve our pain and symptoms for a while but it is not the remedy . Besides, medication on a long run itself can lead to gastritis and gastric ulcers. So , lets take time to know a little about are disease and the simple remedies that can cure us from this threatening condition.

what are the do’s and don’t s to prevent gastritis:


  1. Skipping meals and leaving long gaps between meals
  2. Consuming spicy food
  3. Oily and fried food/ hotel and instant food/ bakery food
  4. Take sour items like orange juice / lemon when you are too hungry or after a long gap.
  5. Drink tea / coffee to satisfy your hunger
  6. Take hot milk in empty stomach


Ashgourd juice/methi water in the early morning in empty stomach.

  • Take small meals at regular intervals
  • Juices beneficial are watermelon juice , muskmelon juice ( any juice other than citrus)
  • Barley water twice a day
  • Eat lots of cucumber, papaya, banana in between meals if u are hungry instead of biscuits
  • Take buttermilk with a pinch of hing during your lunch.
  • During severe gastritis,you can take buttermilk with crushed ginger.
  • Practice of Vamana kriya( empty stomach drink 3-4 glasses of water and vomit)

These are the few remedies and change in lifestyle that can relieve you of gastritis. A little time and a little sacrifice is what our health requires. So lets all make a little effort to become gastric free because we all know “ PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE”.“ Gastritis”, an inflammation / swelling of the inner mucosal lining of the stomach.

The most common cause for gastritis are:

  • Hereditary
  • Stress
  • Habits of skipping breakfast/meals
  • Large gaps between meals
  • Too much spicy food
  • Excessive tea/ coffee
  • Late night dinner
  • Too much junk and maida/bakery products
  • Inadequate water intake
  • Excessive alcohol/ smoking
  • Irregularities in meals