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Home Remedy For ‘Blood Sugar’ & ‘ Controlling Diabetes’

Chef  Dr. Guru Basavaraj


Ingredients Quantity
1.      Fresh Turmeric powder  1 Tbsp
 2.      Dry Indian Gooseberry (Powdered)  1 Tbsp
3.      Hot Water  200 ml


Steps To Preparation

  1. Mix ⅟₂ tbsp of Turmeric Powder &  ⅟₂ tbsp of Indian Gooseberry powder in the Hot Water(200 ml).
  2. Stir properly till the Turmeric Powder and Indian Gooseberry Powder completely mixes in the Hot Water.
  3. After the mixture is done it is ready to consume


  • Twice a Day (Morning & Evening) in the empty stomach.

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