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Ayurvedic medication for coronary artery blockage




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Key words: – Coronary Artery Blockage, Medoroga,Yogaratnakara, pluck-fat cells, plasma cholesterol, Tab Hrudyavati.

Objective: – Clinical Condition of Coronary Artery Blockage with Scientific study and Clinical Experience.

Brief Introduction regarding Coronary Arterial Blockage:-

Coronary artery block is the most common disease and also cause of premature death in the present era. Comparatively males are more prone to the arterial blockages than female.

Heart muscles need adequate blood supply, oxygen molecules and nutrients to function properly. Coronary arteries are those which supplies blood to the heart muscles, the blockages in the coronary arteries cause the lack of blood supplement to the heart muscles. Coronary artery blockages are caused due to the build-up of the cells, fat and cholesterol which is called as pluck. This causes the lock of supply of blood to the heart muscles. When the person is more active, running, more stress heart needs even more blood supply, but when the coronary artery is block there might not be the lack of blood supply to the heart muscles that lack of blood supplement of the heart muscles are called as ischemic heart disease, this shows the symptoms irregular heart rhythm, shortness of the breath, angina other name of the angina are pain, tightness, or pressure in the chest. These symptoms are may not see in the few minutes depend on the longer the heart not needs the blood. As longs the time heart goes not needed the blood worst the problem might be. The overtime heart muscles not getting oxygen sometimes they get permanently damage and death of cell in the heart muscles this is what happened in the heart attack. Long period of ischemia causes irregular heart rhythms and heart failure.

Coronary artery disease tests:-

There are several tests which are available to diagnose or look for possible coronary artery disease. They are electrocardiogram, exercise stress, nuclear scan test, stress thallium test, and cardiac catheterization. Choice of which and have many test to preform, depending the history of heart problem and current symptoms. Some of these test includes electrocardiogram; this test uses the patches on the superficial skin of the chest, arms and legs to record the electrical activity of the heart the test dose not identify the specific  area of blockages but the test identify the general area of the heart concerned to the blockages. Other test includes exercise stress test, nuclear scan, stress thallium the purpose of these tests is to check the blood supply to the heart muscles where you are active and where you are resting. The test may the real area in heart which is  not getting the specific amount of blood and indicate heart disease or previous heart attack. Like an electrocardiogram these test don’t locate or identify the specific blockages but these test identify the general area of the blockages in the heart.

Cardiac cauterization is another procedure we can see inside the heart with the special die and the X-RAY, this will detect problems inside the heart and inside the arteries, at this time cardiac catheterization is the most accurate test for looking at your coronary arteries and to identify the location, number and severity of blockages that may be affecting the heart muscles.


If the coronary artery disease is diagnosed there are many way to treated, this includes lifestyle changes, medication, procedure or surgery

Life style changes:-

Includes daily exercises, changes in the diet and quitting smoking.


In allopathic system of medicine through the medication can only help the symptoms of blocked coronary arteries it cannot fix them.

Procedure or surgery:-

If medication is not that much effective invasive procedure is necessary ex:- balloon angioplasty during an balloon angioplasty there may be an balloon which helpful to an expand the blockage and restore the blood flow, sometimes stent which is expandable devise may then be used.

In more several cases of the coronary artery blockages surgery is needed to make new pathway of the blood this procedure is called coronary artery bypass graft in this procedure blood vessel is taken some more else of the body and is used to bypass the damaged over blocked vessel blood in the heart this improves the delivery of the blood in the heart muscles and in turn improve the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the heart muscle.


The way of understanding of medorogaprakarana according to yogaratnaka and other acharyas are unique. Even stoulya and medoroga is caused due to medovruddi. yogaratnaka and other acharyas explain stoulyaprakarana and medorogaprakarana in separately. It indicates that Stoulya includes fatty deposition in the adipose tissue. Likewise Medoroga including fat molecules and plasma cholesterol in the blood. Due to the more quantity of the fat molecules and plasma cholesterol in the blood May causes several disorders including coronary artery blockage, gallbladder stones, X-syndrome etc.

Clinically sometimes person may lean but suffering from coronary artery disease or gallbladder stones, hyper cholestremia, higher plasma cholesterol levels. Sometimes we can’t find these conditions in obese persons. But obese person are have more chance to suffering from these problems.

Ayurvedic Medication:-

Line of treatment:-

katu rasa pradan, laghu, teekshna, sukshma and lekhanagunapradana, Kapha-vata hara, medo hara, ushnaveerya, ushnabrumhana and ushnarasayana drug should be select.


Hrudyavati 1000mg 2times before food or chewing also can do.

Avipattikarachurna 1tsf after food are the drug of choice.


At the pluck formation stage or pluck developmental stage in arteries and before the thrombus formation there is very much need full for the plasma cholesterol management. So in this stage Hrudyavatitold by the Yogaratnakaraacharya is the drug of choice. Even from 5% to100% of the coronary artery blockages we can treat with these medications without any surgical procedures.

Scientific Studies on HrudyavatiIngredients.

Katu rasa, Guru, RukshaTeekshnaguna, Ushnaveerya, VataKaphahara ,Deepana, BhedanaVibhandaHruth. Pandu and Hrudroga are one of the indications.

Scientific studies:-

In hyper cholestrerolaemic rats, shunti reduced the serum & hepatic cholesterol level significantly in 24 days(giri).

(E)-8 beta, 17-exoxylabel-12-ene-15, 16-dial (ZT) showed inhibitory effect on the cholesterol biosynthesis (Tanable).

Other properties Anti-Inflammatory, potent GI stimulant, effective in blood sugar, serum cholesterol, hyper cholestremia, Anti-motor sickness action possibly by central & peripheral Anti-Cholingric and Anti-Histemic effect, bio-availability enhancing property and Anti-Histemic effects, Hyper Lipedamia and also having anti-oxidant property, Anti-Microbial property against E-coli, s.Typhimirium, step Aurius, Step Viridense,

Method of Preparation:-

All the ingredients are made into fine power separately, equal quantity of each ingredients are do mardana after complete mixing add honey and ghrutha again subjected to mardana after fine mixing made it into pills form about 500mg or whatever convenient dose. Then dry them in shadow or with the help of drier.

Mode of use:-

1000 mg bid before food Mode of administration of Hrudyavati through sub-lingual is more effective.


Water, Honey or Ghrutha.

Other indication:-

Hyper Lipidemia, Gall Bladder Stones, Lipid Profile Abnormalities, Metabolic X-Syndrome.


Myself, Dr. Ramachandra shetty HOD pharmacology department &madhan student, we have been conducting animal experiment on mice in Govt M-Pharmacy college, submitted an approved by Rajivgandi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore.


This study was designed to evaluate the antihyperlipidemic activity and Anti-atherogenic activity of hrudyavati, Hrudyavatiwithout Lohabasma and Lohabasma against Cholesterol cocktail and Triton X 100 induced Hyperlipidemia.


Hyperlipidemia plays a crucial role in the development of Atherosclerotic plaques and it’s a well-known risk factor for the progress of coronary heart disease. At present synthetic antihyperlipidemic drugs causes number of side effects. Moreover, Herbal preparations are devoid of undesired side effects. Several ancient Ayurvedic scripts explain many polyherbal formulations for treating medhohar (lipid lowering) property. Hrudyavati is one herbo mineral preparations which has been indicated in the treatment of hyperlipidemia.

Based on the review on Hrudyavatithe present study is designed to evaluate the antihyperlipidemic effect of Hrudyavatiand LohaBasma (one of the important constituent present in Trayushanadhiloha) against Cholesterol cocktail and Triton X 100 induced hyperlipidemia in albino-wistar rats.

In Cholesterol cocktail model adult male wistar-albino rats were administered with cocktail for 30days at the dose of 1ml/100g B.W, to induce hyperlipidemia. The animals are grouped and treated with hrudyavati, Hrudyavatiwithout LohaBasma and LohaBasma two hours prior to cholesterol cocktail challenge.  On the 31st day blood is withdrawn form retro orbital plexus and processed for the evaluation of lipid profile and glucose level and the animals are sacrificed and aortic strips are isolated for estimation of lipid deposition.

In Triton model Hyperlipidemia was induced by single intraperitoneal (i.p) injections of Triton X 100 at the dose of 100mg/kg B.W. Hrudyavati, Hrudyavatiwithout LohaBasma and LohaBasma was administered orally for 7days. On 8th day, after 18hours fasting Triton X 100 is injected i.p. the blood is collected from retro orbital plexus followed by an overnight fasting for evaluation of lipid profile and the animals are sacrificed, liver is isolated for histopathological studies.

In the present study Hrudyavati, Hrudyavatiwithout lohabasma showed anti-hyperlipidemic and anti-atherogenic effect. However, the antihyperlipidemic and anti-atherogenic effect of Hrudyavatiwithout lohabasma is highly significant than Hrudyavati. LohaBasma alone dosen’t have anti-hyperlipidemic and anti-atherogenic effect on its own.

After administration of a significant decrease in the levels of Total Cholesterol, Triglycerides, LDL-Cholesterol and significant increase in the level of HDL-Cholesterol in serum. Therefore it effectively suppressed the Cholesterol cocktail and Triton induced hyperlipidemia in rats, suggesting the potential protective effect of Hrudyavatiin Coronary heart disease.


  1. Hrudyavati possesses antihyperlipidemic and anti-atherogenic activity.
  2. Hrudyavati without Lohabasma possesses significantly higher antihyperlipidemic and anti-atherogenic activity.
  3. LohaBasma on its own doesn’t possess any antihyperlipidemic and anti-atherogenic activity.

The anti-hyperlipidemic anti-atherogenic property of hrudyavati may be attributed to the various herbs which are involved in reducing the cholesterol and lipid absorption, increased their excretion and metabolism.

Case Discussion:-

CASE 1:-

Male Patient name Appaji sab, Jangalihatty, Jagalur Karnataka aged 72 Years complained of irregular heart rhythm, palpitation, difficulty in breathing and tiredness while little bit walking, chest pain, tightness or pressure in the chest since 8 months.

Previously treatment taken in Jayadeva hrudroga Hospital Bangaluru and Shree Shiradi sai baba cardiac Hospital Bengaluru, both the hospitals have advised him for Balloon Angioplasty procedure.

On examination: –

Low built, shortness of the breath, on auscultation third heart sound, irregular heartbeat, BP-130/80mm of hg, pluse-78/min.

On Investigation:-

Angiograph results: – Right coronary artery blockage up to 76%.

Treatment given:-

Corse: 1

Tab Hrudya vati1000mg Bid before food for chewing.

Avipattikarachurna 5gm Bid after food with hot water. For 21days.

Corse:- 2

After 21 days Angina, Palpitation, Shortness of Breath & other symptoms are decreased.


Tab Hrudya vati1000mg Bid before food for chewing.

Avipattikarachurna 5gm Bid after food with hot water. For 21days.


After 21 days Angina, Palpitation, Shortness of Breath completely reduced but having light palpitation.

Advice :-

Tab Hrudyavati1000mg Bid before food for chewing.

Avipattikarachurna 5gm Bid after food with hot water. For 21days.

Result:- (After a month)

Angiogram:- Result shows there is no blockage and other abnormalities are seen

Then advice to continue Hrudyavati500mg as a preventive measure.


Coronary artery Blockage is caused due to MedoVruddi in the blood that may accumulate in the coronary artery vessels. That will cause the ischemia in the heart muscles i.e. craving of the blood supply to the heart muscles. That may produce the symptom like irregular heart rhythm, shortness of the breath, angina. After that may leads to thrombus formation it will leads to myocardial infraction.

Sometimes 100% blockage with cholesterol, fat molecules and cells i.e. pluck May not show any symptoms but some time even 20-30% of blockage will forms the thrombus that may leads to myocardial infraction. So in the higher cholesterol level or in the hyper cholestremia conditions and in the early stages of the pluck formation only everyone needs medication.

By absorbing the different scholar’s scientific study of all the ingredients of Hrudyavatiwith respect to regularise the cholesterol level and break down of pluck formation, We concluded that Hrudyavatiis the drug of choice for the coronary artery blockages.

Through the clinical study we absorbed that at the stage of pluck formation in the coronary artery and other arteries also by advising Hrudyavati completely removes the pluck formation and clears the pathway of the blood vessels.

So, every physician must try to understand the condition of the coronary artery blockages and prevent the further complications based on the evidence.

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