Ayush admin Nov 24, 2020

Ayurvedic food to overcome malnutrition

One of the eight elements of the Primary Health Care is health for all that can be achieved by promotion of proper nutrition Food and its relationship to the health are widely explained in the classics. Practical application of principles of nutrition is explained in Ayurveda. Food stuffs which are recommended daily in the classics rightly justify the entire essential requirements of the body in a better way.

  • Malnutrition is as old as Civilization
  • Ayurveda has dedicated one among eight separate branch called as Bala Roga.
  • Malnutrition disorders are dealt under Phakka, Bala Shosha, Athi Krusha etc.
  • Nutrition under Ayurveda is both preventive and corrective in Nature.

Under Prevention a quote by charaka is highly appreciable.

The Need of Trace elements for all cellular activity (in the form of various co enzymes) was thought and Gold, Iron etc micro nutrients was given in minute quantity as a counter measure for elimination of fourth coming disease as a preventive medicaments. After 6 months of infant age fruits intake wasstated for the need of Vitamin C Under routine nutrition fulfillments the specific food stuffs were identified under Nitya sevana Dravya.

Daily intake of these prevents Nutrition disorder

  • Red rice
  • Green gram
  • Rock salt
  • Indian gooseberry
  • barly
  • Rain water
  • Milk
  • Ghee
  • Flesh of animals live in dry land
  • Honey

In diseased context a specific Methodology and its Remedial methods are well stated for eg: Phakka, Bala Shosha, Athi Krusha etc Disease Identification By Cause, Symptoms, Pathology, Including Prognosis are well established. General and Specific Modalities Of treatment are well established In Ayurveda.

In a nut shall it can be summarized as:

Deepana & Pacahana (Apatizers and Carminatives) like Balachaturbhadra Churna, Aravidnasava, Brumhana. (Nursing therapy) by Vihara includes various preventive as well as rehabilitative measures. Effective for both mind and body like Music therapy, Peace of mind, playful activities, active and passive physical exercise. And Specific medicine like kumara Kalyanaka Rasa, Chavana Prasha, Amritha Prasha Gritha, Bruhat Chagaladi Gritha etc. Along with external means of Therapies. External Massage with Bala Taila, Balashwagandhadi Taila, Shashtika Shali Pinda Sweda,

Strategy for Malnutrition

  • Swarna Prashana (incinerated gold) Should be encouraged, Clinical Trials of other cheaper variants like Loha, Roupya, Swarna Makshika Bhasma should be studied to reduce cost and may be included in National Program for Preventions of Disease leading to Malnutrition.
  • Nithya Sevana dravya importance should be brought to the public awareness through IEC material by multimedia for the cost effective mass education.
  • India is a tropical Country and majority of Malnutrition disorders are form Helminth infections can easily be addressed by cost effective following therapy                                                                                  1.Best deworming drug – Vidanga(Embelia ribes) powder+ Jaggary-
  • Following Brumhana Chikitsa mentioned earlier.
  • Availability of Ayurvedic drugs and training for Ayurvedic physician by sanitizing programs like CME etc should be planed and updating latest research.