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Ayush Short Film Awards – Black Beauty

Movie: Black Beauty

Duration: 17 minutes

Date Releasing : 10th June 2018

The movie is based on the ‘Problems faced by Eunuchs’. It is said that the Eunuchs are being blessed by a different kind of beauty by God. However, the society has rejected them and subject to shame and dishonour. Although, the society has opened up a lot; Eunuchs continue to be treated inhumanely. They are not treated on par with the other two genders. This position was something that they did not desire but came as a rude shock; which they have to accept and live with it for the rest of their lives. The pain, helplessness, impatience of Eunuchs and their lack of a proper livelihood is brought about beautifully in the movie ‘Black Beauty.

Produced by: Rudresh Gowda

Camera work: Devu

Music by: Thyagaraj, Karan and Mahadeva

Editing:  Shrikanth

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