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Ayush Short Film Awards -Kaanada Kadlige

Kaanada Kadalige

An ‘Onsite Opportunity’ is something that will make you thrilled. There is lot of strange  excitement when travelling abroad. Lot of people feel that they would like to visit a foreign country at least once during their life time.

Kaanada kadalige has lot of scenes in common to the above. A son gets an onsite opportunity but is reluctant to take the offer. His father persuades him to take up the offer by motivating his son. The emotional relationship between Father and Son is brought about brilliantly in the movie by the Manu – the director of the movie.

Nothing is wrong in taking up an onsite opportunity; however, leaving your helpless, aged parents at home and going to a foreign country is not an achievement

The dialogues between the elders and thoughts about Patriotism is heart touching.

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