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Ayurvedic remedies for skin pigmentation

Excessive accumulation of Melanin (A pigment that gives human skin, hair and eyes their colour. Melanin is produced by cells called melanocytes). It can be triggered by a previous history of acne or pimples, excessive exposure to heat or as a result of other medications for critical health issues.

Some of the reasons leading to skin problem are:


Anything that causes excess heat leads to pigmentation. If you are skin is prone to it, it is advisable to avoid high flame cooking which radiates intense heat. If it is not possible, apply a protective cream and avoid using steam room or doing Yoga.

Skin Bleaching

Bleaching the skin regularly also might lead to skin pigmentation. It is advisable to use natural bleaches or use mequinol.

Hormonal Imbalances

Hormonal Imbalances will also lead to skin pigmentation. Ayurveda doctors usually diagnose the imbalance (whether vata or pitta) and try to balance them to treat hyperpigmentation. This kind of skin inflammation is caused due to both internal and external factors.

Use of oral contraceptive pills, external factors such as excessive sun exposure, wounds, side effects of certain dermatological procedures are some of the causes for hyper pigmentation. Plenty of fruits, water, legumes, garlic and onions are advised as they help in managing the condition. Some physicians also believe that skin pigmentation is caused due to imbalance in the layers of skin.


Usnodaka is an Ayurvedic practice where water is boiled for a period of five minutes prior to drinking which helps to stimulate your digestive fire and expel toxins that harm your skin. Apart from Usnodaka, Ayurveda also prescribes several medicines depending upon body type or dosha. Persons suffering from pitta dosha suffer the most from skin problems and hyperpigmentation.

People with pitta constitution can use small quantities of Indian sarsaparilla, fennel seeds cumin, coriander and licorice to boiled water to help expel toxins from the body causing skin pigmentation. Apart from intake of these medicines, the role of Yoga also cannot be ruled out in treating hyperpigmentation, as some specific asanas can improve blood flow throughout the body, delivering essential nutrients to your skin and help resolve skin issues such as age spots or hyperpigmentation.

Use a pack of Yogurt, lemon juice, turmeric and gramflour to treat underarm pigmentation. Apply the pack and leave it for about 20 minutes and wash off with luke warm water. Repeat the process for several days to see results. For hyperpigmentation caused due to acne, treatments such as pastes made of chickpeas and water or almond powder and goat’s milk can help keep your skin nourished and reduce inflammation, sensitivity and spots for too much pigment.

Applying slices of potato or cucumber; leaving it to 15 to 20 minutes works best for mild under eye pigmentation. Skin cleansing atleast twice a day using oil is recommended. Exfoliate at least thrice a week by using Natural exfoliators such as walnut; oatmeals or lemon juice. Apply the exfoliator on affected areas in circular motions, as it helps unclog pores, prevents breakouts and reduces blemishes and pigmentation.

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