ayushadmin Nov 12, 2020

Ayush Short Film Awards -Sharavathi

Movie: Sharavathi

Duration: 16 minutes

Release Date :  10 June 2018

In the middle of forests with their small amount of land, they work hard toiling day and night. They become a part of the nature by spending all their time in the forests. Director Prashanth, unveils what happens to them; when, they are evicted from the forests in the name of development. Director Prashanth unveils the various untold stories inside Sharavathi which destroys the nature slowly. The story talks about a young man who ventures into the forest to enjoying the nature but sees the real truth.

Movie by Kattu Kathe creations

Produced by Surendra Alalli

Music by Naveen D’Souza

Direction and Camera: Prashanth Sagar