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Exclusive interview with Dr.karthik on the causes, symptoms and naturopathic remedies to prevent acidity

Anchor: What is Gastritis? What are the factors resulting in this ailment? What changes in lifestyle are recommended to overcome Gastritis? How does Naturopathy treatment help in overcoming this ailment? Let us delve deeper into this issue by asking Dr.Karthik from MRR Nature Cure Hospital to overcome this ailment which is common among all age groups, irrespective of any profession.

Dr.Karthik: Before we discuss about Gastritis, we need understand in-detail about our digestive process. As we all know, the digestive process starts from the mouth and ends with Anus. It is a lengthy process, wherein, stomach plays an important role. Gastric juice is an important component in the digestion process. Gastric juice or stomach acid is a digestive fluid. Gastric juice is 99.5% of water and the rest is composed of hydrochloric acid (HCI), potassium chloride (KCI) and sodium chloride (NaCI). HCI (Hydrochloric Acid) is another important component in the digestive process; the primary role of hydrochloric acid is to sterilize the food you eat and to prevent harmful bacteria from entering the GI tract. It also triggers the release of enzymes such as pepsin which are essential for the digestion of protein; however, the problem starts when the acid secretion (HCI) increases above its normal limit in the digestion process. This process when excess amount of HCI production is done during the digestive process is called ‘Hyper Acidity’.

Anchor: Many persons often quote the term ‘Hyper Acidity’. What is ‘Hyper Acidity’ but do not know what it is?

Dr.Karthik: The process where more than the prescribed amount of acid is produced during the digestive process is called ‘Hyper Acidity’. This occurs due to many reasons and is a temporary phenomenon. The causes for Hyper Acidity may be due to irregular food eating habits or due to the intake of food which might cause Hyper Acidity. This problem is of a short duration and can be resolved easily.

Anchor: What are symptoms of Hyper Acidity?

Dr.Karthik: One of the earliest symptoms carried by a patient suffering from Hyper Acidity is pain in the Epigastric region. (The upper central region of the abdomen). People also complain of burping and a feeling of uneasiness in that region. They also suffer from sour belch and heart burn which are indicators for Hyper Acidity.

Anchor: What are the reasons for Hyper Acidity?

Dr.Karthik: Improper Lifestyle is the main cause for Gastritis. Not taking the food at the right time is another problem leading to Gastritis. Not following a ‘Meal Routine’ will lead to Gastritis. It is advised to eat the appropriate times throughout the day to avoid this ailment. Severe stress and tension also leads to Gastritis. Excessive consumption of tobacco and alcohol also leads to Gastritis.

Anchor: What happens to the stomach when Hyper Acidity is caused?

Dr.Karthik: When the production of Hydrochloric Acid increases beyond the normal limit of secretion it causes severe hyper acidity to the person.

Anchor: What is Gastritis?

Dr.Karthik: T he next stage of Hyper Acidity can be termed as Gastritis. The main reason for Gastritis is Hyper Acidity. The stomach can bear such secretions only to a limited extent and if the secretions continue to its witholdable limit, it leads to the inflammation of stomach. This state where there is inflammation caused by severe acid secretions is known as Gastritis.

Anchor: Is there any classifications in Gastritis?

Dr.Karthik: If the patient is suffering from Gastritis from a long period of time, it is known as Chronic Gastritis. On the other hand, if the patient is suffering from Gastritis temporarily, it called as Acute Gastritis. Acute Gastritis can be managed easily with regular intake of medicines and changing the lifestyle.

Anchor: How do you categorize a patient suffering from Acute Gastritis and Chronic Gastritis? Is there any time period to differentiate the same?

Dr.Karthik: Hyper Acidity can be assessed and diagnosed from the symptoms of the patient. The severity of Gastritis can be confirmed only through Endoscopy, which gives us a clear overview of the ailment.

Anchor: What is the difference between Hyper Acidity and Gastritis? What are the main reasons for Gastritis?

Dr.Karthik: As i said earlier, Hyper Acidity is one of the main reasons for Gastritis. Improper lifestyle with irregular eating habits and not following a ‘Meal Routine’ are also reasons leading to Gastritis. Consuming spicy food and fried food leads to Gastritis. Excess alcohol consumption, Addiction to Tobacco, excessive intake of carbonated drinks and coffee also leads to Gastritis. Intake of non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs in the form of pain killers also leads to Gastritis. Taking medicines beyond the prescribed period by the physician might also lead to Gastritis.

Anchor: You just mentioned about bacteria which might also lead to bacteria? How does this bacterium enter our body and what is the name of such bacteria known to cause Gastritis?

Dr.Karthik: The name of this bacterium which causes Gastritis is H Pylori (Helicobacter Pylori). This bacterium thrives in the acidic environment of the stomach where enzymes digest food. H pylorus is commonly transmitted by faecal contamination of food or water. Untreated water, crowded conditions and poor hygiene are some of the ways through which H pylori bacteria enters into the human body.

Anchor: How is the bacteria detected during diagnosis?

Dr.Karthik: Breath test, blood test and stool test are carried out to detect traces of H pylori.

Anchor: Which category of Patients visits MRR Nature Cure Hospital?

Dr.Karthik: People who are interested in taking Naturopathy treatment often think that the treatment could be expensive considering the swanky exteriors and the palatial building of our Hospital. This is a major misconception, as we have all categories of patients including those who do not have any information about nature cure. Our patients include Police officials, Politicians, Advocates and we have foreign nationals from Italy, Nigeria and patients from different countries across the world.

Anchor: Apart from providing relief to various physical ailments, Nature cure relieves of stress and anxiety. Your thoughts on this?

Dr.Karthik: Yoga is an integral part of Nature cure. Yoga if practiced in the right way will relieve you of stress and anxiety. We have mandatory Yoga sessions for all our patients. There are two kinds of Yoga sessions for our patients. In the morning session, it is a general session where flexibility and pain management of patients shall be checked. The second session of Yoga is a dynamic session, wherein, Pranayama and breathing exercises would be taught to our patients. There is also an important session in the evening at 7:00 P.M. where ‘Trataka’ would be taught to our patients. There is also an important session in the evening at 7:00 P.M. where ‘Trataka’ would be taught to our patients. Practicing ‘Trataka’ would help you gain concentration. The day ends with a meditation session. At MRR Nature cure hospital we take care of your physical ailments; provide relaxation and peace of mind to make you refreshed mentally.

Anchor: You told us that there is a huge farm belonging to MRR Nature Cure Hospital where organic vegetables and fruits can be grown. These are given to patients; can you give more information on this?

Dr.Karthik: Our Hospital is spread across 12 acres out of which 4 acres is reserved to grown vegetables and fruits organically. These are meant for the use of Hospital only and not used for commercial purpose. No chemicals in the form of pesticide or insecticide are used while growing these fruits and vegetables. There is another plot adjacent to our hospital measuring 20 acres where more than 30-35 different varieties of fruits are grown organically. We grow Guava, Pomegranate, Butter-fruit, star fruit, grapes and many other varieties of fruits. Our diet is based on the concept of consuming season fruits and vegetables. We provide fresh fruits to our patients who come here for treatment and rehabilitation so that the nutrition in that fruit can be taken directly by the patient.

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