Ayush admin Nov 24, 2020

Future perspectives of ayurveda

Nature has provided solution to every problem. Man started exploring such solutions one by one. Several such solutions after thorough understanding taken a shape as science of life – Ayurveda. The whole medical knowledge is classified as codified and noncodified knowledge. Codified knowledge is the one that has been documented for example Ayurveda, on the other hand noncodified knowledge is the one that has not been documented i.e. folk medicine, tribal medicine, traditional practices etc.


Ayurveda is the mother medical system for almost all medical systems of the world. This medical science developed after thorough understanding of universe i.e. human being is the miniature of universe (micro cosmos & macro cosmos). What are all the entities present in the universe are all present in the human being. The imbalance in these entities result in disease manifestation.

For easy diagnosis purpose all these pathological conditions are brought under tridohsas viz. vaata, pitta & kapha, so that treatment modalities are easily selected. Ayurveda is having two main aims.

  1. Swasthasya swaasthya rakshana – preserving and potentiating health of healthy and
  2. Aaturasya roga nut – treat the diseased. Present common statement ‘Prevention is better than cure’ is having its roots deep in Ayurveda to thousands of years back. Ayurveda identified medicinal value in wide spectrum of materials. Herbal, mineral, metal, animal origin, aquatic origin materials including mind are identified as tools/medicines for treatment. Speciality practice is another unique feature of Ayurveda. It is in common opinion that allopathy brought the speciality practices, but in reality Ayurveda thousands of years back itself maintained eight specialities (asthaangaayurveda) yet maintained holistic approach. The eight specialities are Kayachikitsa (internal medicine), Shalya tantra (surgery), Shalakya tantra (Eye, ENT & oro-dentistry), Kaumarabhritya (paediatrics), Agada tantra (toxicology), Bhutavidya (demnology), Rasayana (geriatrics & rejuvenation) and Vajikarana (andrology & epigenetics).

In the recent past several questions are raised regarding safety of Ayurveda products in respect to preparations containing minerals & metals. However, these people are hardly concerned about the preparation methods and the quality control tests described in Ayurveda texts. Several PG & PhD studies proven the safety of these bhasmas beyond therapeutic dose.

In my opinion rasa preparations are going to come back in big way with promising and surprising results. Bhasmas do have infinite shelf life and require low doses they are at advantageous position. Every medical system has strengths and weaknesses. None of the systems are complete in all sense. It is required to have integrated approach with patient improvement as the objectivity. It is unfortunate that the professionals of one system are blaming other system.

Though medical professionals of various medical systems agree or not, patients are opting for medical pluralism approach. It is the common man opinion that ‘if allopathy..homeopathy… naturopathy…fails go to tirupathy.’ This is the right time that all medical professionals come forward with open mind and unconditional approach integrative medical practices may be brought forward.

Ayurveda with its strong scientific fundamentals with unique features will be emerging as the best medical system. The system requires scientific validation for global acceptance. Mostly the research carried out is on the lines of western medicine whereas Ayurveda requires reverse pharmacology approach. This may be the reason for non-reproducibility of results.

Ayurveda requires research studies on lines of classical principles, algorithmic and dynamic protocol based. In our KLE AYURWORLD such research protocols are being adopted to result into Translational research which is the need of the hour. Whatever the developments made unless and until they are reached to public it is of no use.

AYUSH TV the only TV channel in the world dedicated to Indian systems of Medicine needs appreciation for the innovative idea and the commitment of team to project the developments of Ayurveda and other Indian systems of medicine and taking it into the gross roots. Our best wishes to the channel for its future endeavours.