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Ayurveda - Future global medical system

Ayurveda is the oldest medical system of the world. I feel proud to state that Ayurveda was originated in India. However, due to many reasons the system has not been nurtured to its fullest capacity and hence taken back step. For the last two to three decades Ayurveda is being focused to limelight and the acceptance by public is steadily increasing.

At this juncture concept of AYUSH TV is highly appreciable. The dedicated TV channel is bridging the science with old concepts in new directions and developments to the public at large and the needy in particular. I appreciate the initiation and commitment of the team and wish for grand success.

Safety is the unique feature of Ayurveda. The system is every effective for several chronic and non-responding conditions. Several researchers are proving the efficacy of Ayurveda. Because of high quality research western world is also showing interest in Ayurveda. Ayurveda schools are established across globe.

KLE committed to quality education, established Ayurveda college with state of the art facilities. I feel privileged and honoured to state that at present KLEU’s Shri BM Kankanawadi Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya is the only AYUSH institution with NAAC & NABH accreditation in the country.

The institute is offering under graduation (BAMS), post-graduation in 11 disciplines and PhD. The central research facility has got AYUSH certification. The state of art teaching hospital (300 bedded) attached to the institution is offering classical Ayurveda treatments with modern blend.

We have started several speciality clinics such as Hridya-ayur cardiac care;

  • Sristi –fertility center;
  • Priyangu- skin & hair care;
  • samvardhana – rehabilitation for differently abled children;
  • garbha sanskara – ayur ante natal care;
  • utsaaha lifestyle modification & rejuvenation;
  • nirvisha bite & poison management manasollasa;
  • pathya ayurvedic diet centre etc.

Also GMP certified KLE Ayurveda pharmacy is manufacturing around 300 medicines by following ancient methods under standard manufacturing conditions. In appreciation of state of the art facilities and the results, patients as well as students across globe are visiting our institution and availing treatment and teaching facilities. With the present trend and pace with which the Ayurveda growing I am sure that Ayurveda will emerge as global medical system and India will be taking lead over globe in health sector.

Dr Prabhakar B Kore

Member of Parliament

Chairman – KLE Society

Chancellor – KLE University for Health Science

KLE Technological University, Hubli

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