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The importance of checking in with yourself during stressful times

- Divya Hari, Counselling psychologist.

With the world being fast paced, stress is inevitable. Especially post the outbreak of the
Covid-19 pandemic, mental health services have become the need of the hour.

During times of uncertainty and stress, it is utmost essential to time and again check in
with yourself.

Here are a few ways in which you can continually keep a check on how stress can manifest

Recognize how you feel physically.
➔ Is your heart rate slow?
➔ Are you clenching your jaw?
➔ Is there a tightness in your chest?
➔ Are your shoulders relaxed?

When we are stressed out, it can present itself physically even if we are not consciously
aware of the stress.

Check in with your physical and emotional needs by asking yourself:
➔ How am I feeling today?
➔ What do I need at this moment?
➔ What does my body need?
➔ What are my emotional needs?
➔ What is taking up most of my headspace?
➔ How do I feel about myself right now?
➔ Am I feeling physically safe?
➔ Am I feeling emotionally safe?
➔ How can I be more gentle with myself?

Identify any problems that could be weighing you down by asking yourself:
➔ What am I holding onto that is no longer serving me?
➔ Are my actions or behaviour reflecting values and beliefs that I hold?
➔ Did something happen that made me feel a specific way?
➔ What am I tired of?
➔ What can I do about it?
➔ What can I let go of that is getting in the way of my health and well-being?
➔ Would it help me if I contacted a professional who could help me feel better?

Name what you feel and allow yourself to feel it.
➔ Name the emotion (Have a look at the feelings wheel.
➔ Identify where you feel it in your body.
➔ Place your hand where the emotion is felt in your body.
➔ Try to understand the emotion.
➔ Normalise your emotion, Give yourself compassion.
➔ Move your body to release the energy.

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