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Hear Phones make you Deaf – WORLD HEARING DAY 2019


World Hearing Day is held on March 3rd of every year to raise awareness on how to prevent hearing loss across the world. Almost 5 to 6 percent of every 1,000 children born in India are said to be suffering from hearing loss.

Loss of hearing has a serious impact on the language skills, cognitive development, and speech production of the child. It also impairs the child’s educational and career prospects. Poor self-esteem and social isolation are some of the other issues with hearing.

However, advancements in research and science has given them a new ray of hope! Research has shown that children born with hearing defects who receive early treatment can develop language skills which are on par with those who are able to hear clearly.

They can attend schools regularly like others and have a normal and happy childhood. The Theme of World Hearing Day 2019 is “Check your Hearing”. Since most developed and developing countries indicate that a significant part of the burden with hearing loss comes from unaddressed hearing difficulties, it is imperative for them to get an early check done to avoid permanent hearing difficulties.

The theme for the last year’s World Hearing Day (2018) was “Hear the Future”.

World Health Organization has taken several initiatives to create awareness and has created a series of informational resources not limited to:

1) Brochures

2) Infographics

3) Posters

4) Banners

5) LIVE Facebook events.

All the Posters created are multilingual and seen to cover all communities across the globe.

Available statistics suggests that the number of people suffering from hearing disability across the globe is around 466 million, out of which, 34 million are children.

Some facts about International Hearing Day

  • The International Hearing Day is celebrated from 2014 with different themes.
  • The theme for 2014 was ‘Ear Care Can Avoid Hearing Loss’

On this World Hearing Day let us see the commonly made mistakes while listening to music through headphones.

  • Lower the volume to 85 dB limit
  • Do not use headphones for more than 8 hrs a day
  • Use noise-cancelling earphones/headphones.

Some of the outcomes of observing The World Hearing Day are:

  • Expected rise in prevalence of hearing loss in the coming years.
  • Taking appropriate preventive action to reduce deafness arising through various problems.
  • Ensure the affected with hearing loss have access to the required rehabilitation services and tools

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