ayushadmin Nov 24, 2020

Unseen dangers of mobile phone radiation

Advancements in Telecom sector and proliferation of Mobile phones in India are on the high, with more than 1,186 million wireless telephone subscriptions in India.

Unfortunately, there has been very less awareness on the adverse effects of cell phone radiation. Although, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has carried out many studies which has confirmed adverse effects of mobile phone radiation, some of them argue that there is no conclusive evidence for any harm.

If you feel the mobile tower near your residence is causing you problems, then you can always check the magnitude of radiation on a government portal – Incidentally, the radiation norms in India are 10 times more stringent than the international standards, recommended by WHO. The amount of radiofrequency energy of a mobile phone user is exposed which is dependent on many factors such as the technology of the phone, distance maintained between the phone and the user.

Could be lethal for Kids!

A research has shown that the bone marrow of a child’s head absorbs almost ten times more radiation than adult’s. This could be a serious health hazard

Problem with going ‘Mobile’

We all know that mobiles communicate with their base stations using radio frequency (RF) radiation. If radiation is high, it has a ‘thermal’ effect, which abruptly increases the body temperature resulting in mild headaches to brain tumors.

The WHO on its part said that Cell phone radiation could amount to “possible human carcinogen” increasing the chance of brain cancer on continuous usage.

What happens if you are exposed to continuous Mobile Radiation?

  1. Changes in brain activity
  2. Changes in sleep patterns
  3. Possibility of causing interference with pacemakers
  4. Greater chances of developing brain cancer

It is also recommended that:

  1. Mobile phones not be used continuously for more than one hour/per day
  2. Hands free to be used if mobile has to be used continuously
  3. Avoiding long talks and discussions on mobile phones as far as possible

A precautionary approach to the use of this communication technology should be adopted until more scientific evidence on its effects on health is made available.