ayushadmin Nov 10, 2020

Name Missing from Voter’s List ?

Don’t worry follow these steps to cast your franchise!

The election fever has started and now with less than a week for elections, all eligible voters are into a heated debate on why to or why not to vote for a political party.

As all of us know, our name has to be there in the voter’s list to enable us to cast our franchise. What if in case it’s missing? You would not be able to cast your vote if your name is missing from the voter’s list. Your name should mandatory feature in the voter’s list for you to vote.

Now, how do you know that your name is there in the voter’s list?

1] Check your name in the NVSP portal (National Voter’s Service Portal)

2] After you login to the NVSP portal search your name in electoral roll on the left side of the page. When your find your name, you will be routed to another page.

3] Enter requisite details such as Name, Age, Date of birth, Name, Gender, State, District and Assembly constituency.

4] Enter the CAPTCHA code

Your name and other details will appear in the NVSP website, you can go ahead and cast your franchise.

You can also alternatively:

1] Visit the official website of ECI – Election Commission of India —

2] Scroll down and look for ‘Search your name in Voter list’

3] Input requisite details that include Date of Birth, Father/Husband’s name, Gender, State, District and constituency details. You can click search after entering all these details

You can also check your name through SMS or through a call.

SMS: Go to your inbox and create a new message. Type EPIC (space) Your Voter ID number and send it to 7738299899

Your name not there despite all this exercise?

There could be several reasons on your name being deleted from the voter’s list. Change of constituency, address can also lead to removal of your name.

After you know that your name is missing from the Voter’s list, follow these steps to register again:

1] Log in to which is the official website of the Election Commission of India

2] Click on ‘Register to Vote’

3] Search for ‘Apply Online due to change of address’ later click on ‘Form 16’ just below the form

4] Fill in all the details and click on submit

You can also submit ‘Form- 16’ to the Electoral Registration Officer. Election Commission of India also conducts regular ‘Voter Enrolment Initiative’ at your respective constituencies.