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How cervical cancer will impact india in coming years

What causes Cervical Cancer?

Cervical Cancer is caused by Human Papillomavirus bacterium. This ailment is found in Indian women and is the second most common cancer found in women worldwide.

Earlier in 2018, Times of India reported that India alone accounts for one-fourth of the global burden of cervical cancers.

The occurrence of Cervix Cancer in India!

The Cervix is the lower part of the womb also known as Uterine Cervix. The cervix connects the body of the uterus to the Vagina (birth canal). It is about 2-3 cms in length. Cervical Cancer occurs 1 in 53 Indian women during their lifetime compared to 1 in 100 women in developed regions of the world.

Early Diagnosis

Cervical Cancer should be an important part of a woman’s health check-up after the age of 40. There are two types of tests: Pap test and HPV test. The lab test checks the sample for cancer cells or abnormal cells that could be ‘cancer’ later. With the HPV test, the lab checks for HPC infection.

Screening and Prevalence

In order to curb this disease, Primary cervical screening using HPV-DNA testing was recommended by WHO in 2013. This screening is currently being introduced in high-income countries worldwide, and pilot projects are going on in India.

According to a research study, more than 85 percent of patients of cervical cancer were from the age group 40 years and above. The instance of Cervical Cancer in the rest of the world has come down due to advancement in conventional cytology screening programs, have shown a steady decline in the incidence of cervical cancer.

It is important to note here that over the past three decades, cervical cancer and mortality rates have fallen in countries where social and economic status have improved. The reasons are mainly due to the implementation of secondary prevention measures such as like screening, early diagnosis, and treatment of pre-cancer and early cancer.