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Let Your Health Glow amidst the Gloomy Clouds

With the change of seasons our body too reacts to the changes leading to imbalance of the doshas, digestive power, metabolism, strength, immunity etc. Thus it is very essential to know the changes that each season has on our body and mind so that we can balance it accordingly. Nature has given us all the possible amenities to keep ourselves healthy through the changing seasons. Now that the monsoon has set in, don’t spoil the fun in the rain by falling sick. Follow these simple tips and lifestyle modifications and Uplift your Health when it Downpours!

# Eat and Drink Wisely

We all feel like eating a lot of deep fried, spicy food during the rains. But watch out! During monsoon our digestion process weakens and our metabolism slows down. Choose those diets which are light to digest and boosts the metabolism.

  • Use spices like garlic, asafoetida (hing), ginger, pepper, cloves, cinnamon, cumin and turmeric extensively on an everyday basis. These naturally boost immunity; alleviate vayu by providing the necessary warmth in your body and helps keeping away cough and cold. Aids in proper digestion and improves the metabolism which is very much essential in this season.
  • As you replace your wardrobe with the cloths suitable for this season, it is essential to replace your cooking oils too. Cook your food with sesame oil or mustard oil. This little trick in your culinary helps to control vayu considerably and prevents flaring up of various aches in your body. The joints and skin tend to get dry during the rains and these oils provide the necessary lubrication.
  • Seeds like flax, sesame, sunflower and pumpkin nourishes your body with the fatty acids essential to ward off dryness and keep your skin glowing, also prevents constipation aiding in free bowel movement.
  • Don’t miss the seasonal fruit Jamun (black Indian plum). Eating a handful of this fruit everyday can take care of most of the imbalance in doshas in our body and also supplement it with the essential nutrients. Keeps the intestinal flora very healthy preventing vomiting, diarrhoea, cholera and typhoid. Other fruits like jack fruit, red plum (ooty apple), pineapple, cherries, pomegranate and papaya help in boosting the immunity and prevent the seasonal ailments.
  • Water borne infections like typhoid, diarrhoea and jaundice is quite common this season. So make sure you drink only boiled and cooled water. Try adding a pinch of edible camphor (paccha karpoora) to the drinking water. This aids digestion naturally and also prevents nausea, loose stools and respiratory infections.
  • Avoid eating on the roadside as food poisoning can happen easily due to contaminated water. Ensure you eat only freshly cooked home food to prevent stomach upsets. Avoid raw salads as it is heavy to digest and further weakens your digestive fire. A strict No! No! to veggies like potato, brinjal, pumpkin, legumes and sweet potato as they all aggravate the vayu in our body. Include more of radish, drum stick onions, ash gourd, bitter gourd, ridge gourd, ladies finger and carrot.

# Sip on to these Teas

  • Take 100ml of water and add 4 to 6 basil (tulsi) leaves,1 crushed cardamom (elaichi), 2 cloves, 1/4th teaspoon of cinnamon (dalchini), pinch of turmeric, jaggery for taste(optional), boil, reduce to half (50ml) and filter it. Tada! There you go! Sip on to this hot tea in the cold morning or evening breeze. This green tea acts like an anti viral potion and helps you keep away from fever, common upper respiratory tract infections like cold and cough. Also aids the digestion process which is greatly hampered in this season.
  • Don’t forget to try this one! Take 50ml of milk and 50ml of water. To this add half inch of fresh ginger or ½ teaspoon of ginger powder, ½ teaspoon of pepper powder, ½ teaspoon of long pepper (hippali) powder, organic sugar or jaggery as per taste. Boil and reduce it to half (50ml) and filter it. This is a must try spicy tea this monsoon to prevent respiratory infections and boost the reduced metabolism.
  • It is quite common that most of them experience joints pain or increase of the already existing aches in this season. This is because of the increase of vayu tatva in our body. Such people must try this Garlic Tea! It works wonderful. Take 50ml of milk and 50ml of water. Add 4 to 5 crushed garlic bulbs, pinch of cinnamon and ½ spoon of cumin seeds and boil until it reduces to half. Filter and take this tea everyday in the morning.

# Natural Mosquito Repellent

Mosquito borne infections like malaria, dengue and chikungunya are quite common. So, ensuring that our surrounding is clean and avoiding accumulating water in and around the house must be avoided. As a precaution try this. It works like Magic!

  • Dip pieces of cotton cloth/ cotton swabs in eucalyptus oil and keep it in small plastic pouches. Place these pouches in your room, living area etc as necessary. Mosquitoes don’t stay there because of the smell
  • Take about 100ml of coconut oil and 20 leaves of neatly washed and wiped neem leaves. Boil them together for about 3 minutes. Let it cool. Filter the oil and store it in a easily dispensable container. Applying this oil on the skin after bath or at bed time acts as a natural mosquito repellent. Not just that, it also nourishes your skin and prevents skin infections (coconut oil alone is a wonderful mosquito repellent. Don’t hesitate to use on your child).

# Steaming

  • Cold and cough is quite common. So to the hot bathing water add about 10 drops of eucalyptus oil. This naturally relieves the congestion of the nose and facilitates easy breathing. Liquefies the accumulated phlegm in the sinus cavities and relieves headache. Do this weekly twice to prevent cold and cough or when u have it, until it subsides. Don’t miss adding this oil into the bath water at least on the days of head bath, since it increases the possibilities of catching cold easily during the rains by children. This tip also relieves the body pain.

# Must try Panchakarma Therapies

Don’t forget to contact your nearest Ayurvedic doctor for the following treatments this season.

  • Udvartana: it is a body massage done by using dry powder with medicinal values. Ayuerveda shaastra says there is increase of moistness internally in the body due to the increased dampness externally in the climate. This treatment helps in removing the excess unnecessary moisture from the body, which if left uncared without following the diet and regimen as mentioned above may lead to increase of skin problems, increase of cholesterol level, decreased metabolism, weight gain, thyroid problems , insulin resistance etc. This treatment prevents the occurrence of these diseases.
  • Basti: this is a medicinal enema given through the rectal route. This procedure is a must for ones already with any kind of arthritis problem as it prevents the further worsening of the condition with severe pain during the rains. This therapy checks Vayu tava in the body and balances it preventing the increase of pain. If you wonder why try this when am absolutely fine, this therapy is a easy way to detox your body and balance all the doshas and enhance your health and immunity. So stop thinking and just go for it! Not to forget PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.

Happy Monsoon!!


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