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Fish pedicure


Doctor fish are rare kind of fish available only in Middle East countries like Syria, Iran, Iraq and Turkey. The original name of Doctor fish is GARRA RUFA. These fish have no teeth and are fresh water fish. As these fish have no teeth, during treatment no blood or rashes or pain will come. Just ticklish feeling for few minutes and body will absorb the feeling after few minutes.

The special characters of this fish is they have no fear and the moment you keep your feet in the water fish will come to suck dead skin on the feet. Another special character of this fish is the saliva is medicine. While removing dead skin they release medicinal saliva on skin and this medicine will be useful to grow new skin.

Some advantages of this fish is they remove dead skin on the body and makes skin smooth and soft. These fish remove micro waste stuck inside pores of the skin and allow air to pass. This helps good aeration to skin. Cracks on feet can be healed. On our feet we have around 40 nerve endings. These fish will make micro massage by touching nerve points and gives effect of acupuncture. With this process and vital organs in the body will get vitalised.

This treatment can also be taken for tanning. Slowly after few sessions tanning will be reduced. This treatment will also help for hands which is called manicure. Hands become smooth and soft and also tanning free. So much of relaxation comes while taking treatment.

Facial also can be done. If we dip our face in water, these fish will suck all the micro waste stuck to the skin. Glow will come and also smoothness will come. We feel refreshed and relaxed after facial treatment. Even for full body can be taken. These fish are used not only for beautification but also for medicinal purpose. These fish will remove skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema. At present this medicinal treatment is available only in Turkey and not in India.

The maintenance of this fish is very laborious. If proper hygiene is not maintained these fish will die. These fish are vulnerable for five threats. Bacteria, fungus, virus, ammonia and nitrate. So every day removal of water and every day cleaning of filters is a must. Regular medicines to be given to keep fish healthy. These fish eat algae. So every day two times algae to be given. Along with this high protein food is necessary to keep fish energetic and active.

These fish will not bread in these artificial tanks and that is why if fish die, we have to get new fish. Breading is possible only in natural rivers. Before taking treatment the feet to be cleaned properly and no cream or lotion to be on the body. Due to toxic content in creams, these fish will die very fast. People who want to take this treatment should cooperate with spa people and these fish are costly and maintenance is also very costly.

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