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Inspiring the world to 'go vegan'

Go Vegan is an exclusive programme telecasted in Sri Sankara TV. The main objective of this programme is to inform the viewers the health benefits of being a Vegan. The show involves interactions with several experts who speak about veganism. Useful insights are given by experienced doctors and subject matter experts on how it provides increased protection against health problems.

Vegan is a term which means people who do not eat or use animal products. ‘Go Vegan‘ is a half an hour program which telecasts different concepts and aspects of veganism every Saturday and Sunday at 3.30pm. The programme is anchored by Ms.Shwetha.

The program basically focuses on ‘Sasyahaara Ahaara Paddhati’ which includes consuming only fruits and vegetables and other products which are not derived from animals. It also telecasts other concepts associated with veganism such as animal welfare, organic food and health.
The program also includes talk by different vegans around in the society who turned into vegan due to various reasons and have been involved themselves actively in spreading the message of being kind and compassionate towards the other living creatures on the earth.
Also it covers the beneficial points from doctor and practitioners regarding the advantages of consuming only plant based food and refraining from consuming meat and dairy products in our diet and also about the importance of the respective alternatives from plant source.

The program also covers the events which is related to veganism in any way and tries to reach our viewers through different perception of different kind of events happening around which acts as a proof of the successful spread of the philosophy in the society.
This show ‘Go Vegan‘ telecasted in Sri Sankara TV on Saturday & Sunday at 3:30 p.m. has successfully completed 160 episodes. It has carved a niche of its own by propounding the benefits of going Vegan.
What is Veganism?
Veganism is the practice of minimizing harm to all animals which requires abstention from animal products, such as meat, fish, dairy, eggs, honey, gelatin, lanolin, wool, fur, silk, suede and leather.
Veganism also affects clothing choices. Vegans will opt for acrylic sweaters instead of wool sweaters; cotton blouse instead of silk blouse; abstain from using leather belts and leather accessories.
Benefits to the Humanity
• Every vegan saves more than 100 animals a year.
• It can also up the ante on the fight against climate change
Difference between Vegan and Vegetarian
• Vegetarianism is usually a diet, while Veganism is a lifestyle.
• Vegetarians use dairy products like Milk and Butter; However, Vegans eliminate those products from their diet and do not use those products that have been tested on animals, like make-up and skin creams, or products made from animal skins such as leather belts and shoe.
• The dietary habits of Vegetarian are not clearly defined. There are instances when you might see a Vegetarian who doesn’t eat eggs, or a Vegetarian who doesn’t eat eggs but wears a leather belt. However, vegans avoid meat, poultry, and seafood; they also take it a step further by eliminating all animal products from their diet. This includes any type of animal milk and eggs. Vegans avoid foods produced using animals or animal products in any way, including honey. Many vegans also avoid household products, clothing, or other items made from animal products or tested on animals.

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