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World's First Wellness & Lifestyle Television Channel

Ayush Tv is a Health, Wellness, Lifestyle and Infotainment Kannada Satellite Channel.

It helps you connect with best renowned medical professionals; introducing their area of expertise, which include the finest of treatments and medicines. Some of the popular programmes include home remedies, fitness shows, fashion & beauty care, stress free life style training sessions and guide to a healthy diet, relaxation techniques through chants of Mantras, Aroma Therapy, Mudra Therapy, Music Programmes, dance programmes, debate or talk shows for the Infotainment Segment, Investment and Savings plan through Financial Wellbeing series, comedy shows, interactive chat shows with viewers by constantly working on providing the best content for the all-round development of Man’s thinking and approach towards Health and his surroundings.


Ayurveda is attributed to Dhanvantari, the physician to the gods in Hindu mythology, who received it from Brahma...


Yoga is an ancient and complex practice, rooted in Indian philosophy. It began as a spiritual practice but has become popular...


Unani system of medicine is a great healing art as well as science. It treats a person as a whole not as a group of individual parts...


Siddha medicine, traditional system of healing that originated in South India and is considered to be one of India's oldest...


Homeopathy is a medical system based on the belief that the body can cure itself. Those who practice it use tiny amounts of natural...


Naturopathy is a distinct primary health care system that stresses upon the body's self-healing mechanism...

Fit Boss

A BLOCKBUSTER reality TV show that follows the journey of 21 participants who are striving to achieve fitness and weight loss goals. The participants will undergo a 21-day naturopathy programme at ‘KSHEMAVANA’, a renowned wellness and naturopathy retreat in Karnataka. Through the “Fit Boss”show we aim to INSPIRE millions of viewers across India to keep themselves ‘healthy and fit’ in a fun and entertaining way. The One who will loose the maximum weight in 21 days will be the winner…. “Looser is the winner”



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It is the only Satellite Channel catering to the physical, emotional needs of viewers by focusing on their health, wellness to bring about a healthy lifestyle and learn live their full life with zeal pursuing their passion.

Ayush wants people to be fit and healthy.

Ayush Tv wants to create a world without illness through the ancient forms of medicine as a way of precaution than to work on cure.

And also remove the fear element associated with illness by making the program in the comon man's language and reduce the gap of knowing the medical terminology and the associated taboo.

Through its informative and entertainment programs Ayush tv aims to equip a common man to face problems associated with health and wealth through various therapies, motivational talks, inspiring people for overall wellness of both mankind and society.

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